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Wyoming Shell Fossil Earring Stud

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Natural vibes here! Here are some tiny shell fossils I found here in Wyoming during the hours we spend walking around and looking at the ground. They have a very natural look and feel to them, as each one is of a slightly different size. shape, and color. The ear studs are sterling silver. The studs have parts of shell and stone as they swirl around. Fossilized Shell is recommended for introverts who tend to feel emotionally and physically drained by the energies of other people.

It reminds us that it’s perfectly reasonable to retreat into own quiet sanctuary and re-energize ourselves with activities that relax and restore our equilibrium. Fossilized Shell encourages us to live in balance with our own natural rhythms and with the rhythms of the natural world, rather than trying to keep pace with the intense bustle of human society. It is an excellent talisman for problems associated with the skeletal system, particularly the spine.

These will arrive in a small envelope with a bow as pictured, if this is a gift please let me know in the comments when checking out and I can include your personal message in the package.

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