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Turritella Stone Slab

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I love Turritella! I love the look, the shell fossils, I mean what more could you ask for? These are from Wyoming. The measurements are roughly 7.5x7 cm and 8mm thick. Turritella Agate / Elimia Agate: A close-up photo of a sawn surface of Turritella Agate showing numerous spiral-shaped snail shells. This type of view shows how the internal cavities of the shells and the voids between the shells have all been infilled with the translucent-to-transparent agate. This listing is for several slabs and may vary slightly from slab to slab.
Turritella Agate assists us during transitional times, it helps erase fear and anxiety during times of change, providing courage and security. Turritella encourages humility, it reins in an unchecked ego reminding us we are all valuable and connected.

This item will arrive in a small envelope with a bow as pictured. If this is a gift please let me know when checking out and I will happily include your personal message in the package.

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