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Triple Strand with a Loop Earrings

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Triple the fun! Three's not a crowd with these lovelies! With three similar styled beaded dangles all hanging from a tear drop shaped wrapped wire, there sure to invite a fun time. Two of the dangles center around an elongated carved bone bead, encased by 2 different blue glass beads. I purchased the bone beads from a Rendezvous I attended this summer! Since they are handmade you will receive the earrings pictured. The ear wire is sterling silver to help with any skin irritation. T

he sterling silver may tarnish over time, which can be fixed by quickly giving them a rub with a polishing cloth or storing them with a bit of tarnish paper.

These beauties will arrive in a small envelope with a bow (as pictured) and will be looking their best. Message me if they are a gift and I can include a personal message from you in the package!

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