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Lemon Chrysoprase Stud Earrings

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These are Lemon Chrysoprase stone cabochon stud earrings. Measuring 15 mm in diameter, with sterling silver stud wires.

Citron Chrysoprase, or lemon chrysoprase helps us to feel directly connected to the Divine and to trust that we are safe and supported. It is attuned to the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Aries. Citron Chrysoprase releases stress and helps us to find our emotional balance. It has a very hopeful vibration that promises us that we can survive the hard times and that we will find our way forward. It aids us in developing healthy habits and in seeing the link between our emotional/mental health and our physical health.

This will arrive in a small envelope with a bow as pictured, if this is a gift please add a message to the notes when checking out and I can include the personal message from you in the package. 

Remember, rocks are like potato chips, you can't have just one!