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Starborn Creations

Green Serpentine Pendant

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Serpentine anyone? This stone has a translucence and jade-like appearance that makes it a great choice. It is paired with some white topaz on the bail and a chrome diopside (other green gemstone) set just inside the oval's side. Chrome is not always silver and shiny! Chrome diopside is a chromium-rich, green colored gem variety of the Diopside mineral. It is known for its internal clarity and intense glow. They are set in sterling silver with a bezel setting. This listing is for the pendant only, does not include chain. The Serpentine stone measures 3 cm top to bottom, the Diopside is 3mm top to bottom, and the quartz are about 1mm each.

Serpentine is soothing to the emotional body, allowing you to release your fear of change and hardship so that you are able to look ahead to the future with expectation and excitement. Serpentine can help you to be less sensitive to the thoughts, comments or opinions of others. It can help you feel more self confident and less invested in receiving external praise or appreciation. Serpentine is a stone of independence. It engenders a sense of being protected, stimulating you to move into new realms and social circles without hesitancy or fear.

This item will arrive in a small envelope with a bow as pictured above. If this is a gift please message me and I can include a personal message from you in the package.

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