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Dinosaur Bone Designer Cabochon #3

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This is a bit of dinosaur bone polished into a cabochon (rock with single polished side) The colors are great the black cell walls add great detail then the red and orange fillings look great together. The measurements are 36 mm tall X 25 mm wide at the bottom X 4 mm thick. This type of bone is mostly found in the Morrison Formation (Co, Utah, Wy)The back of the stone is flat and unpolished, and was made with a silversmith in mind. The edges are slightly beveled inward to allow better placement/ hold of a bezel.

This will arrive in a small envelope with a bow, as pictured. If this is a gift please let me know when checking out and I can include a personal message from you in the package.

Remember rocks are like potato chips, you can't have just one!