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Theyre Just Rocks

Chalcedony in Green and Jasper Cabochons

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Here is a bit of a mix, first we have a stripped chalcedony with a clear halo, in a green stone I found in Wyoming. Measurements are roughly 3 cm tall x 3 cm wide x 4 mm thick.
Then there is a bit of red jasper with a metallic veining and an unpolished center. The center dips back down so I left it rough! I love, love the look of this stone! The metallic veining is softer than the jasper and made for an interesting polish.

The backs of both stones is flat and unpolished, made with a silversmith in mind. The edges are slightly beveled inwards to allow for better placement/hold of a bezel.

These will arrive in a small envelope with a bow as pictured. If this is to be a gift, please let me know when checking out and I can include your personal note in the package!

Rocks are like potato chips, you can't have just one!