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Theyre Just Rocks

Belemnite Cabochon

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Both of these stones were given to me as slabs and they turned out as great little cabochons! I don't know what the triangle stone is, its harder and takes a great polish. The Picasso stone is also a guess, and takes a great polish. The measurements for the triangle are roughly 3x2 cm and 7mm thick. The Picasso stone is just over 3 cm in diameter and 4 mm thick. The back of the stones is flat and unpolished. They were made with a silver smith in mind. The edges are beveled inward to allow for better placement/hold of a bezel.

These will arrive in a small envelope with a bow as pictured, if this is a gift please let me know when checking out and I can include your personal message in the package.

Rocks are like potato chips, you can't have just one!